Call within 5 - 10 minutes

When you get a new lead in your inbox or as a text message (someone who opted in to your offer or promotion), it’s best practice to call them within 5 - 10 minutes. The longer a new lead sits in your inbox, the harder it becomes to get ahold of them.

In fact, there’s a 10x decrease in your odds of making contact with a lead after the first 5 minutes.

What usually happens when people don’t recognize a number that calls their phone? They ignore it or send it directly to voicemail. And the majority of people don’t check their voicemail.

However, if you call someone right after they sign up for a gift card or consult request at your practice, they’re way more likely to expect your call and answer an unfamiliar number. That’s also when your practice is still the freshest in their mind and they’re eager to get more information about the treatment they opted in for.

2. Use Text Replacements

Text messaging has 98% open rate. So texting your med aesthetics leads is a great way to get them booked for their consultation at your practice. Text replacements makes this process way more efficient. This allows you to scripted messages to your leads without typing out a full message each time.

A text to a lead can say..

“Hi [Lead Name] with [Practice Name], here. Thanks for your interest in [Service]! We're so glad you decided to take us up on this [Special Offer]. Your coupon code is [Coupon Code]. There's only 30 gift cards available so call us now to schedule your Free Consultation! And remember, if you call us within the next 10 minutes, to request Your Consultation, you get your [Bonus Offer] for FREE! ([XXX Value]) How does that sound? Call us at [Phone Number]. If you're calling after hours, please leave us a voice message and we will honor your [Bonus Offer]. *Limitations apply, See website for full terms & conditions.”

But that’s a lot to text for every single lead that comes your way. Instead, program your phone so that whenever you type “Lead” or something similar, it triggers that entire script.

3. Automate Your Response

Whenever someone signs up for a special offer or a consultation at your practice, make sure they receive a confirmation email right away - and several other emails a couple days later reminding them to visit your studio.

That’s where automation comes in. We use a mix of a few automation tools that allows our clients to create automated email drip campaigns, tag and segment contacts based on what offer they opted in to whether they’re a current client or not, and so on. Check out our Lead Scheduling Cheat Sheet Toolkit.

This way, if you get a lead at 1:00 am, they don’t fall under the radar. The lead still gets a response from your studio. This is step one of a strong nurturing and follow up process.

4. Include a Bonus Offer

Within that first automated confirmation email and text message, include a bonus offer for your lead. If they call your practice right away to schedule their consultation, they’ll receive that bonus (something that’s low barrier of entry and affordable for you). This incentive encourages the lead to call you first and also exposes the lead to the other services you offer. Here’s an example of an automated email with a bonus offer:


Times kills all deals

The bonus offer can also be included within your original promotion within your original promotion or on a thank you page. Once someone fills out their contact information to get their special offer, take them to another page that confirms their request. On that same page, mention that if they call your practice now at ###-###-####, they’ll receive a free [bonus offer here].

5. Be Aggressive

80% of sales are made between the 5th and 8th touch. This means that either the practice owner or aestheticians / front desk may need to reach out to each lead 5 - 12 times before they make the close. A “touch” includes email, texts, phone calls, and so on. We recommend between 3 - 5 calls.


That being said, if a lead hasn’t come into your practice after the first or second time that you’ve reached out to them, don’t pause unless they’ve said they’re no longer interested. Practice that end their sales process this soon lose out on more potential new clients. To keep track of each stage that your leads are in (how many times they’ve seen contacted so far, and by what means - email, etc.), create a process to stay organized. A CRM and detailed spreadsheets are great for this. Check out Lead ____ Cheat Sheet Toolkit for the best tools for this.

6. Be Strategic With Your Calls

As a practice you want your staff to be as efficient with their time as much as possible and since most women and men that can afford med spa services are mainly professions, it is usually best to call and follow up within strategic hours. Usually best times to follow up are between lunch, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm or after 4:30 pm.

Another recommendation is to implement The “Double Tap” method. If at first the lead doesn’t answer then quickly call them again. Most people don’t like answering phone numbers they don’t recognize, but if you attempt to call them twice right after the first call, the lead will perceive the person calling

7. Use Retargeting

Retargeting allows you to capture people who have shown interest in your practice, but haven’t yet signed up for their consult or opted in to your offer. This is done by placing a Facebook retargeting pixel on landing pages or websites to continuously market to people who have visited those destinations but not taken action - they abandoned the page. Here’s Facebook’s breakdown of how it works.

Then, when they leave your site or landing page and return to Facebook, they’ll see your studio’s retargeting ads in their newsfeed. Retargeting ads are worded differently than cold ads that people see for the first time →

Retargeting allows you to stay in front of people who have expressed interest in what you offer so that the sales process continues.

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